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University Department Level (Chemistry)

About This Pilot

The institutional repository of the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Chemistry Cherry is used as a source of information for preparing annual reports  listing research results. The data of the repository can be easily exported  through a tailored external application Authors, Projects,  Publications (APP); it is possible to calculate the  percentage of OA resources and draw information about the structure of the  deposited research outputs. Citation counts and Altmetric scores are displayed at the item level. Visits and downloads are tracked using the native DSpace module. However this information is not displayed in a visually attractive way and is overlooked by most users. This pilot aims at developing new generation metrics based on qualitative information deriving from the Cherry Repository that can support the Faculty of Chemistry to improve its  research assessment practices.

Goals & links to GraspOS

  • Develop an assessment protocol for in-departmental career assessment.
  • Implement a researcher Openness Profile as an add-on to the local repository.
  • Integrate information from OpenAIRE RG to the local researcher dashboard.
  • Evaluate indicators and metrics on how they can improve researcher career assessment.

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UNIBE pilot interview

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Ana Djordjevic

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