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Key Results

GraspOS sets out the ambitious goal to develop, assess and put into operation an open and trusted federated infrastructure for next generation research metrics and indicators, offering data, tools, services and guidance to support and enable policy reforms for research assessment at researcher (individual/group), institutional, organisational and country level. 

To do so, the project will develop the following results.



Open Science Assessment Framework (OSAF)
A living and collaborative guide detailing indicator toolboxes and metrics capturing different OS practices and activities in various contexts


Assessment Portfolios 
Responsible Research Assessment templates that can be used as fit-for-purpose templates for collecting and structuring both quantitative and qualitative indicators.


Assessment Registry
An online database of OSAF-based Openness profiles and case studies in a structured and systematic way to promote experience sharing and mutual learning


Enrichment Services 
Tools and services for enhancing missing attributes on research outputs (e.g., identifying OA timeliness, Green/Gold/Diamond, open licensing, related entities/identifiers, provenance, collaboration with NGOs/Civic Organisations), enriching research output links with semantics, enriching research output with novel metrics capturing scientific impact or usage of OS from different perspectives, e.g., short- vs. long-term impact, OS collaboration  impact.


Monitoring Services
(a) an OS Institutional Dashboard, a tailor-made OS Profile for research performing organisations;
(b) an OS Researcher Dashboard, a tailor-made OS Profile for researchers, offering OS metrics and functions for manual annotations (correction/edits/additions) and narrative.


Open and Federated Research Assessment Infrastructure 
A federated infrastructure that extends EIF with the appropriate metadata standards, protocols, components and APIs to support AI-driven annotation/enrichment and to implement an EOSC Core Metrics service based on the integration of key GraspOS components.


Piloting activities to co-design, showcase, validate, and evaluate GraspOS’s key results considering domain-specific aspects and different levels of OS-aware RRA


Community of Practice 
A diverse community of RRA experts from relevant networks.


Training material 
A set of carefully designed training material accessible via the EOSC Knowledge Hub. 

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We would be happy to hear from you. Your needs and ideas are very valuable to building a collaborative infrastructure.