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Assessing Open Science values at Utrecht University

About This Pilot

This pilot will build on current OS monitoring activities and visions for novel forms of recognition and rewards put forward by the OS programme of the university, and will work at three levels: institution, research group, and individual(s)/teams, understanding how policies and practices interact at different levels. It will involve the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, a multi- & interdisciplinary institute facilitating transformations to a sustainable and equitable society.

Goals & links to GraspOS

  • Document how Open Science is understood, operationalized, and evaluated in context at Utrecht University (OSAF).
  • Co-develop Open Science assessment protocols at three respective levels.
  • Test the viability of the indicators, tools, and services, particularly how they can inform OS monitoring and narrative CV writing activities as well as their societal impact.
  • Inform the VSNU Knowledge Base on practices and integration feasibility.

Learn about ongoing activities  

UNIBE pilot interview

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Ludo Waltman
Clifford Tatum
Jarno Hoekman

Organisations Involved