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Recognising Open Science in a National CRIS

About This Pilot

Finland’s national CRIS system ( - compiles information on Finnish research from institutional, national and international sources. Its purpose is to provide an overall picture and a comprehensive information base of the research produced in Finland.

Goals and links to GraspOS

  • Integrate indicators from OSAF at national, institutional, and individual levels.
  • Adopt and Adapt the Openness Profile to’s planned researchers’ profile tool (be released in 2022).
  • Enrich metadata using the Tools & Services from WP3.
  • Co-shape APIs of Open Metrics Federated Infrastructure to populate Extend integration with OpenAIRE RG implemented in FAIRCORE4EOSC.

Learn about ongoing activities  

UNIBE pilot interview

Read the interview

Eloy Hanna-Mari Puuska

Organisations Involved