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Assessment Portfolios

The Openness Profile was firstly termed in Knowledge Exchange "the mechanisms and approaches required to improve and incentivize the recording, evaluation and recognition of contributions to Open Scholarship practice, through the development of an ‘Openness Profile".

Building on the Knowledge Exchange report on the Openness Profile GraspOS will deliver a more detailed framework serving as a practical tool for gathering indicators and metrics. Offering mix-and-match capabilities and guidance, GraspOS will develop different (pre-set) templates that fit various needs of R&I actors, i.e., funders, institutions, research teams, and disciplines, providing a flexible way for them to adopt openness that fits their own needs and pace.

GraspOS will provide customisable Dashboard Services which will manifest the Openness profile, by 

  • automatically collecting data for the indicators, and
  • allowing manual annotation capabilities for end users to describe strategies and achieved impacts also by capturing additional outputs (narrative CV).

These outputs may include contributions in non-academic journals and on platforms for societal, economical and policy audiences, practices like open peer review, training and mentoring, leadership roles, and, for reporting skills identified by the new ESCO Researchers Profile.

GraspOS will develop RRA templates that can be used as fit-for-purpose templates for collecting and structuring both quantitative and qualitative indicators.


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