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National funding monitoring platforms

About This Pilot

UEFISCDI is the main funder in Romania ensuring online submission and evaluation of RDI calls, online contracting, monitoring and reporting of projects and scientific progress, at both national and international levels.  Supports with online platforms the whole life cycle of a project, from project submission, evaluation of the proposals to monitoring and reporting.

Goals and links to GraspOS

  • Test the viability of the tools and services (indicator toolboxes) in accordance with the commitments of the organisation’s policies, especially related to indicators that cover more types of research products and research activities; Analyse and test the implementation of the openness researcher profile within national platforms including user experience; Align with the EC’s Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment of the Coalition for the reform of research assessment in Europe;
  • Experiment and do a feasibility analysis on integration with the OpenAIRE RG.
Alina Irimia

Organisations Involved