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Computer Science Domain

About This Pilot

The pilot will provide general assessment criteria for computer science, considering the specificity of the domain: central role of conferences, wide usage of preprints in several subdomains of computer science (e.g., cryptography, natural language processing, networks), and importance of visibility and impact through software development.

Goals & links to GraspOS

  • Develop a CS researcher Openness Profile in articulation with major digital libraries held by scholarly societies and international bibliographic initiatives.
  • Incorporate usage of publication repositories, in particular for preprints; availability of datasets and citations in publications; usage of the international Software Heritage archive for open-source software; citations in publications; usage of EOSC services.
  • Customise data collection tools for enrichment to retrieve information from conferences.
  • Include proposals in integrating open publications, data and software in promotion and recruitment campaigns (in collaboration with Informatics Europe).

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Computer Science interview

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Laurent Romary
Natalia Manola
Silvio Peroni

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